Video Course: Data Analysis with Python


I’m happy to announce the release of my first video course Data Analysis with Python, published with Packt Publishing.


With 2 hours 26 minutes of content segmented into short video sessions, this course aims at introducing the audience to the field of Data Science using Python, discussing some of the fundamental tools of the trade.

Bird’s eye view on the course:

  1. Python Core
    • Course overview
    • Python Core Concepts and Data Types
    • Understanding Iterables
    • List Comprehensions
    • Dates and Times
    • Accessing Raw Data
  2. NumPy for Array Computation
    • Creating NumPy Arrays
    • Basic Stats and Linear Algebra
    • Reshaping, Indexing, and Slicing
  3. Pandas for Data Frames
    • Getting Started with Pandas
    • Essential Operations with Data Frames
    • Summary Statistics from a Data Frame
    • Data Aggregation over a Data Frame
  4. Exercise: Titanic Survivor Analysis
    • Exploratory Analysis of the Titanic Disaster Data Set
    • Predicting Titanic Survivor as a Supervised Learning Problem
    • Performing Supervised Learning with scikit-learn

More details are discussed on the PacktPub’s page.

Please have a look at the companion code for the course on my GitHub page, so you can have an idea of the topics discussed in the course.