Fuzzy String Matching in Python

Fuzzy String Matching, also called Approximate String Matching, is the process of finding strings that approximatively match a given pattern. The closeness of a match is often measured in terms of edit distance, which is the number of primitive operations necessary to convert the string into an exact match. Primitive operations are usually: insertion (to… Continue reading Fuzzy String Matching in Python

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Phrase Match and Proximity Search in Elasticsearch

The case of multi-term queries in Elasticsearch offers some room for discussion, because there are several options to consider depending on the specific use case we’re dealing with. Multi-term queries are, in their most generic definition, queries with several terms. These terms could be completely unrelated, or they could be about the same topic, or… Continue reading Phrase Match and Proximity Search in Elasticsearch

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How to Query Elasticsearch with Python

Elasticsearch is an open-source distributed search server built on top of Apache Lucene. It’s a great tool that allows to quickly build applications with full-text search capabilities. The core implementation is in Java, but it provides a nice REST interface which allows to interact with Elasticsearch from any programming language. This article provides an overview… Continue reading How to Query Elasticsearch with Python