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PyCon Italy 2017 write-up

Last week I’ve travelled to Florence where I attended PyCon Otto, the 8th edition of the Italian Python Conference. As expected, it’s been yet another great experience with the Italian Python community and many international guests. This year the very first day, Thursday, was beginners’ day, with introductory workshops run by volunteer mentors. Thanks to… Continue reading PyCon Italy 2017 write-up

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Mastering Social Media Mining with Python

Great news, my book on data mining for social media is finally out! The title is Mastering Social Media Mining with Python. I’ve been working with Packt Publishing over the past few months, and in July the book has been finalised and released. Links: ebook and paperback on Packt Publishing (the publisher) ebook and paperback… Continue reading Mastering Social Media Mining with Python

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Adding Slack Notifications to a Luigi Pipeline in Python

In a previous article, I’ve described how to build a data pipeline in Python using Luigi, a workflow manager written in Python and open sourced by Spotify. I also had the opportunity to give a short talk about Luigi at the local PyData London meetup (see slides). One of the nice features of Luigi is… Continue reading Adding Slack Notifications to a Luigi Pipeline in Python